Osagame is an exciting new martial arts gym recently opened on Broad St. just south of center city Philadelphia.  In addition to being home to the Philadelphia Judo Club, our affiliation with Osagame makes available a wide range of opportunities for training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kettlebells or Aikido. 


JudoForum  http://judoforum.com


Discussion board on all judo-related topics, from techniques and tournaments to history and gear - a nice resource for judo nerds.

Judo Information Site  http://judoinfo.com/index.htm


Host site of the JudoForum containing information on techniques, history, humor and all things judo.

Established 1949


JudoCalendar  http://www.judocalendar.com


A source for information about upcoming tournaments, clinics, camps and Judo events in the United States.

Maryland Judo Club Inc.  http://users.erols.com/cdp9000/mji


Nice website for information on upcoming judo events, especially in the  mid-Atlantic region. The affiliated clubs often host competitive, well-organized tournaments.

United States Judo Association  http://www.usja-judo.org


United States Judo Federation  http://www.usjf.com


USA Judo (USJI) http://www.usjudo.org


These are the three (yes, there are three!) governing bodies for organized judo in the United States.  The Philadelphia Judo Club is a USJA sanctioned club.

Kodokan Gear  http://www.kodokangear.com


Good vendor for buying gis and judo sundries.  The owner, Vin, provides excellent customer service, and if you are a member of JudoForum (which is itself free), he will usually cut you a small discount.

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Relson Gracie Hawaii Kai   http://rghk.net


Excellent Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Academy located in Honolulu, HI (for those fortunate enough to live in or visit Hawaii).  Their head instructor, Ron Huxen (aka “Sensei Fun” aka “The Ronald”), was a long-time member and instructor at the Philadelphia Judo Club.

The Philadelphia Judo Club’s Facebook Page - link

More information on the club, its members, photos, etc.

I’m With Moxie - A Women Judoka and Grappler’s Group - imwithmoxie.com

A great source for female judoka and grapplers to network, share information and support women’s participation in judo.

Cerebral Palsy and Bullying - link

Anti-bullying information related to cerebral palsy and other disabilities.